Ski Course for Professionals

Ski Course for Professionals

Ski Course for Professionals:

Now we finish with plough turns. We learn and perfect the parallel turn on slopes of varying difficulty. Our ski instructors teach at the level suitable to your skills and with a great deal of commitment, so that your progress is guaranteed.


When you check-in you will be asked about your level and previous ski experience. On the first day the ski instructors "harmonize" the groups to make sure everyone is in the correct group for their level. The advantage of skiing with a group at a similar level is huge - everyone is learning the same things at the same speed thus there is minimal waiting around and a natural support network around you.

Inclusive services

  • Lunch break
  • Use of the valley lift during lessons
  • Ski race with memorial certificate for everyone on the end of course


  • The number of children can vary depending on the season
  • If your child does NOT participate at lunch care, please make sure to pick your child up punctually at 12 noon.
  • Course takes place from min10 participants. Courses with less than 10 people will be reduced in time, merged with other courses or cancelled.
  • Equipment not included in the rate. Please rent your equipment at the Sports Shop in due time before the course starts.
  • Reservation by 5 pm on the previous day desirable.
  • The mountain excursion requires an additional charge for lunch care and ski pass. You will be informed by the instructor.

Course Contents

  • Information on the equipment
  • parallel braking
  • parallel and braking in plough position.
  • Step turning on easy slopes,
  • parallel turns.


Kodra e Diellit - Tetovo Macedonia

Ski Centre Mavrovo - Macedonia

Kodra e Diellit - Tetovo Macedonia

Ski Centre Mavrovo - Macedonia

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