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Policies for the use and protection of information Sharri Academy

Submission of any information or content by the user is voluntary and in accordance with the terms of use, which are an integral part of this policy for the use and protection of information.

What information we collect and for what purpose we do it

Information for User

Sharri Academy right to collect the information and uses this information to identify user such information include: name, location, address, telephone number and any other information that the user voluntarily given or required to given in registration form, either in writing or in electronic form clearly indicates mandatory or voluntary data are required to enter and consequences of refusal to the same are delivered in accordance with the terms of use. The customer agrees to be processed user information in accordance with the terms of use and privacy policy in Sharri Academy.

Given personal data during the registration process of the user in required or optional fields either in writing or electronic form for access in services in Sharri Academy.The user agrees to be processed the information data in according with the term of use and privacy policies in Sharri Academy.

Sharri Academy has right but not the obligation to keep certain information sent from a computer or terminal. Data are saved in log documents in the server of Sharri Academy and may involve information about web pages visited in Sharri Academy, web pages visited by the user through links that are placed in Sharri Academy, date and time of visit, IP- address of the user, the type of browser pages or keywords used in search page of Sharri Academy, the number of clicks in ads in Sharri Academy and others. This information is not linked to information that identify individual consumers and used for research and monitoring of the behavior , habits and the user in order to analyze the effectiveness of advertising and improving services. Sharri Academy can process these data and together with other information that the user give during registration or use of services. In addition Sharri Academy collect log- document (date , time and source IP- address) , where under the law in force necessary for the electronic reproduction statements made by the user when using the service (as accepting conditions and policies for the use and identification of the user in the event of a dispute . .

Public User Content

User Content that or does not involve personal data published by the registered user and all the information that steamed when using services such as name , location , email , phone , date of birth available in Sharri Academy and user agrees to you simply publish their publication in Sharri Academy.

To avoid suspicions Sharri Academy not collect data or other information, subject to protection by the current legislation of the content of the registered user who published Sharri Academy or to monitor the existence of such information content by the user or personal data or other information contained therein for this or any other way when the user uses the services fully take the risk and responsibility. By accepting the terms and policies the user declares that he / she is informed acknowledges and agrees that all information including personal data which form part of the contents of the site revealed by his / her profile. User information will be available for every user in Sharri Academy also to third parties; Sharri Academy provides access to the contents of the user or other information as defined in the terms of Service and this policy. It also ensures that users content published or other information does not violate the rights of third parties in respect of their personal data or other personal rights that he / she already has approval for publication as long as permitted under current legislation.

Sharri Academy collect data and use: the objectives set out in these terms and this policy as providing services by providing access and control of his / her account.

Services related to third party

Sharri Academy may allow third parties like Facebook, Google + to publish content and products available public information or profiles of companies registered in Sharri Academy. Such content may not include personal information or limited information about legal entities.


Sharri Academy has the right but not the obligation to install a small text documents called Cookies documents that are saved in the user's hard drive and enable cross their recovery information to the user because they recognize sites , its equipment or terminal . .

For providing services Sharri Academy store information about the user in the device:

  • the user to ensure safe and normal functioning of the service and to inform whether the function in that service;
  • to prevent or observed multi accounts or registration and use multiple accounts of the same user with malicious purposes;
  • Research user’s preferences and advertising.

Cookies used by Sharri Academy not save personal data in order to identify like person. They purpose is to Identifying the browser or the user terminal

The user has the right at any time to allow ore disallow cookies in his terminal.

Disallowing or delete these cookies from the user can be partially or permanently prevent the use of services in Sharri Academy, or seriously damage the functioning of the services in Sharri Academy

Sharri Academy use two types of cookies: temporary which are deleted when user close his browser and permanent which are deleted when the user decides to delete according to the instructions of the browser user use.

Cookies can be installed from third parties for advertising or taking information from the user when he / she visit the site of Sharri Academy. Sharri Academy cannot control access to these cookies.

With whom we share your information?

Staff who process the data Sharri Academy

For technical and administrative support website Sharri Academy and other information necessary to process for statistical purposes and marketing. This data will be used to some prairie on behalf of Sharri Academy. This people are aware that data is subject to protection of personal data.


These individuals have the obligation to process this data only according to the directions of Sharri Academy and do not have the right to use these personal data for purposes other than these Terms of Use and Policies.

Discovering of personal data

Sharri Academy is obliged not to disclose any personal information and other information about the user's data is not available to third -party companies or persons except when: When provided in the Terms of Service and Policy or using services or when the user has given clear consent during registration or later;

  • When it is necessary to fulfill the obligation of Sharri Academy;
  • When information is steamed by state authorities, judicial authorities or officials in accordance with legal procedures and regulations;
  • Or in other cases by law;

How to save data secure?


Sharri Academy, take all appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect personal data from users or unlawful destruction, loss, alteration, unauthorized disclosure or access.

Sharri Academy is responsible for the protection of personal data received by the user in providing services that are subject to the terms of use, except in cases of force majeure , accidental events or malicious acts of third parties in the event that the user has made this information available to third parties. .

Rights in relation to personal data

Besides accepting the terms of using above this policy user that he / she is familiar with the rights protected by law on personal data, including, but not limited to :

  • The right to change or process their data in Sharri Academy;
  • The right to start legal proceedings before a competent court to protect its new data according to law in force.
  • Each registered user’s account can change and store their data in Sharri Academy.

The user can achieve its right by sending a written request to Sharri Academy, date and signature or any other legal form provided by the laws in force. Each user can achieve its rights in connection with the information his / her through authorized person.

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