Why Donation?

Donate to Ski Club Sharri Academy

Ski Club Sharri Academy is a  non-profit organization that is dedicated to upholding a tradition of supporting affordable and accessible year-round mountain experiences  in the spirit of fun and friendship for families, youths, and all mountain enthusiasts.

Donation to the Ski Club Sharri Academy is open to any and is not fixed value but donation are categorized depend on the amount they are donating with Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum.
We hope that you will consider making a donation to Ski club Sharri Academy (please note that your donation is NOT tax deductible). Your contribution to our club will help us to continue a tradition in Sharri mountain. Ski Club Sharri Academy holds a special place in Sharri mountain Skiing.

We have established several giving levels to support Ski Club Sharri Academy. Please pick the one most appropriate for you. Note that your donation is NOT tax deductible. 

Donors can choose between the anonymous donation and public donation:

  • Anonymous donation mean that the donor will be anonymous and value of donation will be public
  • Public donation mean that the donor will be published in the:
    • Web site of Sharri Academy,
    • Social Profiles,
    • In reports of the Ski Club Sharri Academy
    • In events and any opportunity in the name of support and sharing success.

Donor Level Categorization

Donor Level Donation Amaunt
Bronze Level 1€-99€
Silver Level 100€-199€
Gold Level 200€-499€
Platinum Level 500€ and above


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